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MK Car Cushion was founded in 2013 by Eddie Tan and Fion Sung. With years of experience and skills in providing the highest quality leather seat covers for automotive companies in Malaysia, MK Car Cushion Sdn Bhd has become one of the leaders in car seat covers manufacturer in Malaysia, to create long-lasting, trendy and beautiful leather products that meet customer’s needs, we use only the best materials, and workmanship.


Our Core Value

The core values of MK are innovation, passion, teamwork and responsibility, that separates us from the rest. We aim to supply highest quality of leather products with innovative and stylish designs to everyone in Malaysia, It is important that what we provide brings satisfaction to our customers

About Our Cushion

Today, MK Car Cushion provides high quality leather seat cover solutions for top car accessory companies in Malaysia. Our experience and expertise are now directly accessible by any car owner, with plenty of options and at reasonable prices. Do approach to us if you have a design in mind, we can turn every customize design into a reality.

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Our workforce are our assets and our strength, and believe adding quality into our employees’ lives are just as important as providing quality services to our customers.


We aim to supply world class leather products with innovative and stylish designs. It is also crucial that what we provide brings satisfaction and pride to customers.


We believe in adopting responsible business practices that create positive change in society. We wish to contribute to the community in which we operate in a meaningful and positive way.


Our Core Value










I needed to replace my old seat leather covers but didn’t want to spend too much, and especially for something too generic. After a bit of research, Mk Car was the only real solution. i couldn’t be happier.

Goh Ying Hui

I’m very happy for how my car interior looks now, and my friends are all thinking about doing the same. Best thing is, with so many designs to choose rom, theirs won’t look like mine.

Teo Kah Hing

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Mk Car Cushion is the brand of high-quality leather seats by MK Leather Seats Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian company that was established in 1997. What started as a Tier 2 supplier for various car companies – in Malaysia and a few other markets – is now a global company with offices in eight countries. We currently have manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Thailand.


Now, MK Car also sells direct to customers, offering ready-made seat covers as well as customised pieces.

We manufacture seat covers for corporate clients and individual customers. The latter consists of buyers who want to replace ageing seat covers, give their interior a new or different look, and those looking for a customised design which fits into their image and lifestyle.

Yes, we do. It’s from our Design Collection and is available for a wide range of car brands and models sold throughout the world.

They are the same thing – and is exactly what it says. Instead of choosing something ‘off the rack’, a customised design lets the customer choose the exact elements they want. A customer, for example, can choose the basic design, and then move on to type of material or leather, its colours, stiching colours/style, and perforation design. If the customer has a logo or initials they want to be embossed/embroidered into the headrest, no problem! And there are many more options – just drop us a message.

We primarily work with leather because that’s our specialty and is the most popular material, but yes, we do others as well such as PVC, fabric, and alcantara.

At this point of time we only reupholster seats and do not make the seats/cushions, unfortunately. But please get in touch anyway for us to see the level of deterioration your car’s seats are in because we can do mild repairs on cushions.

At the moment, our sales are done via our appointed dealers (please contact us to know their locations).

Currently, you can choose and order your seat covers from the website or from our dealers.

We have a variety of leathers, including high quality nappa, which is the most asked for material. We also have other materials. Please contact us to know more.

Absolutely, that’s the best part about a customised design – it should tell something about the owner of the vehicle. However, do note there are certain specifications which must be met, such as the size of the logo and its eventual location on the seat.

Embroidery is the art of embellishing/decorating the leather with thread applied using a needle. The threadwork can form a logo, for example. Embroidery can use threads of different colours if needed.

In total, that would depend on complexity of seat cover design. A quick turnaround can be as short as two days (from a ready-made Design Collection), or a week for a customised seat (once design has been finalised).